KTL main product introduction

1.High end CNC Machine tool spindle bearing

The precison of such bearing can reach P4 and P2 and Speed limit dmn value above 1.5×106mm〃r/min. Its value of characteristic product 7009C even reach 1,700,000.Under such operating condition,the all processing index of such bearing have reached the same level with international ones.The main application of such bearing are:

A.Drilling machining ce...More

The screw support bearing We can produce include :760200,760300,ZARN series;

Number:20TAB04U/GMP4F to 60TAB12U/GMP4F;

Size: ID 60mm till OD 16000mm;


Application: Universal matching

We can produce high precison rotary YRT bearing  and Size: ID 50mm till OD 1200mm.

The characteristic product of such kind are YRT100/P2,YRT50/P2,KTL-10034/P4, KTL-10043/P4.The table from KTL have low friction,high precision and speed limit.It is because the design ...

Automotive Steering Bearing:11K0226

We can produce following robot bearing :

RV reducer bearing

Harmonic gear bearing