Machine Tool

The manufacturing of metal parts and components is essential to any economic marketplace. Typically, the machine tool industry is utilizing the latest technological advances in manufacturing processes.

Our bearings for machine tool can assure your machine have an efficient running. 

Following are detailed machine tool application.

Boring and milling

Machining Center


The screw support bearing We can produce include :760200,760300,ZARN series;

Number:20TAB04U/GMP4F to 60TAB12U/GMP4F;

Size: ID 60mm till OD 16000mm;


Application: Universal matching

We can produce high precison rotary YRT bearing  and Size: ID 50mm till OD 1200mm.

The characteristic product of such kind are YRT100/P2,YRT50/P2,KTL-10034/P4, KTL-10043/P4.The table from KTL have low friction,high precision and speed limit.It is because the design ...