Quality Control

1.Launch micro dimension inspection technology research for bearing parts

We have launched the study on the measurement Technology of Micro Geometric Precision of ring  raceway surface and the independently developed micro-scale waviness detection system and achieves  the nano-level to the micro-geometric precision resolution.It is critical for high speed machine  tool  bearing manufacturing and development.

Taylor roundness meter 

Spectrum analysis

2.Bearing dynamic quality inspection technology

Independently developed high-speed bearing dynamic inspection system can finish the dynamic quality  inspection of high-speed bearings and provide technical support for the bearing high-speed running .

Real-time vibration quality dynamic analysis system

4-band vibration acceleration measurement system

3.Efficient quality assurance system

KTL has passed the ISO9001 (2015 version) quality management system certification, which has become  one of domestic large-scale machine tool bearing manufacturers and undertook the important task of providing precision bearing technology support for the technological innovation and transformation of domestic CNC machine tools.

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4.The whole process quality traceability management

All the key products are numbered,and the information of each process distributed in the field is collected by scanning, and the production process, bearing model, product processing status, processing and quality status information of the processors, inspectors, processing procedures, The management terminal synchronously displaying and backing up to form a quality control network that covers the whole process.The product tracks the quality from the grinding process to the entire process of the user using to form a quality archive with traceability.


Laser printer

5.High quality processing production line

(1)high precison storage

The final grinding of all ring surfaces use the world's most advanced bearing processing technology and its most advanced processing methods.The processing level of its products can reach P2 level,  and has a certain degree of precision reserves;

(2)high precison surface quality

Super working of ring surface has adopted the world's most advanced ultra-precision bearing  technology and its most advanced ultra-precision oilstone processing methods,which effectively  improve the raceway surface geometry error and roughness.

(3)high quality online inspection system

High-quality closed online testing system can effectively improve the quality control of bearing parts processing to ensure stable and reliable processing quality.

Precision Bearing Manufacturing Technology grinding processing technique and equipment

Bearing ring processing online testing machine

KTL is to provide users with a full range of international bearing product technical support and put the development of the bearing products,the focus of pre-research work on the "international blank,and the exporting of high-end products" with the aim of achieving double win of both supply and demand parties.