KTL main product introduction

1.High end CNC Machine tool spindle bearing

The precison of such bearing can reach P4 and P2 and Speed limit dmn value above 1.5×106mm〃r/min. Its value of characteristic product 7009C even reach 1,700,000.Under such operating condition,the all processing index of such bearing have reached the same level with international ones.The main application of such bearing are:

A.Drilling machining center TD-500 spindle bearing 7009C/P4(45BNR10HDTDP4)with speed 30000/min;

B.Vertical machining center VDL-600A spindle bearing 7014C/P4 and 7012C/P4 which are universal matching angular contact ball bearing with speed 12,000/min;

C.CNC Machine tool spindle bearing NN3018K,NN3020K;NN3024K、7020AC with pecision P4.

KTL has continually optimized the structural design based on the using evironment,structure,load capacity etc and partially adopted hybrid ceramic ball bearing.The bearing has excellent performance like low vibration,low noise,low friction,low temperature rising ,high precision and high reliability and provide the efficient warranty on processing surface quality,processing quality and processing speed for CNC Machine tool.

2.High end CNC Machine tool ball screw bearing

The characteristic product 602020/P4、7602025/P4、7602030/P4、20TAB04U/GMP4F、25TAB06U/GMP4F、60TAB12U/GMP4F have realized fully universal matching ,P4 and P4A class and free maintenace life 12,000h.

The bearing from KTL has high support rigidity,high reciprocating precision,repeatable location precision,high efficiency,zero clearance,long life,super silent sound,low torque and high smoothness etc.

3.Large CNC Machine tool high precision rotary bearing

The characteristic product of such kind are YRT100/P2,YRT50/P2,KTL-10034/P4, KTL-10043/P4.The rotary table bearing from KTL have low friction,high rotary precision and high speed limit.It is because the design of negative clearance preload used to assure high rigidity and tilting rigidity that the products are widely used in compound load and precision turnable machine with precision up to P4 and P2.

4.Industrial Robot bearing

The characteristic product of such kind are RV reducer bearing and Harmonic gear bearing 7197/89B/P4, SX011820, SX011824 , precision up to P4 and life up 10,000h .It has high rigidity and low friction torque.

5.Automotive steering system bearing and ball screw integrated unit

The characteristic product of such kind are 11K0226 and 11K0227, which are developed together by KTL,DMTG and BYD Company.The precision up to P4,axial clearance 8μm,gothic arc groove profile 6μm,raceway processing precision in the nut C4.

6.New subway and city rail bearing

The characteristic product of such kind is NJ2226X3-Z/DF with precision UP,shaft weight above 14t,operating environment temperature -40℃~+40℃,temperature rising ≤50℃,speed above 120km/h,life above 2000,000/km and reliability 99%. 

The city rail bearing from KTL can realize :

A.standard sealing and free maintenance;

B.optimical design of bearing parameter;

C.nylon cage;

D.advanced design,reliable technique and efficient quality control;

E.product performance and manufacturing control can fully meet the requirement of subway and city rail which reduced operating cost,easily change and reach international level.

The product has been successfully used by China Car Group Dalian Locomotive Co., Ltd. in large batch.

7.Locmotive traction engine insultated bearing

The characteristic product of such kind is 6311 and NU215 .Its precision up to p4,speed limit 12000r/min,Insulation resistance value above 500MΩ and life above 1200,000/km.

8.High speed linear rolling mill bearing and backup bearing

Its precision up P4,bearing section height difference in the same group less than 0.005mm,bearing section height difference in the adjacent group less than 0.002mm,efficient hardened layer depth in outer diameter of outer ring above2.5mm,hardness gradient slowly decrease between 5~2.5mm,wearing 4~6 times under the efficient hardness layer depth and life 3000h.

KTL Real-time online monitoring and fault diagnosis system

The bearing online fault diagnosis system jointly developed with the institute can monitor and diagnose the running status of the bearing in real time and transmit the diagnosis results to relevant systems or departments in real time, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of major accidents.

The screw support bearing We can produce include :760200,760300,ZARN series;

Number:20TAB04U/GMP4F to 60TAB12U/GMP4F;

Size: ID 60mm till OD 16000mm;


Application: Universal matching

We can produce high precison rotary YRT bearing  and Size: ID 50mm till OD 1200mm.

The characteristic product of such kind are YRT100/P2,YRT50/P2,KTL-10034/P4, KTL-10043/P4.The table from KTL have low friction,high precision and speed limit.It is because the design ...

Automotive Steering Bearing:11K0226

We can produce following robot bearing :

RV reducer bearing

Harmonic gear bearing